25 June, 2018

Advanced Solutions

Ensatec offers to the customers self-developed solutions for advance materials; which gives new functionalities to wood and paper and cardboard industry; highly needed by these sectors. Solutions can be modified and specially design for each specific customer, which is a competitive advantage.   

Some of the products developed are:

          Extremely thin superhydrophobic treatments (HYDRONANOCOATING); which show high efficiency and productivity for paper and cardboard industry. This treatment improves paper and cardboard resistance to water.  The reduction in energy consumption, natural resources and CO2 emissions is a very important aspect that this treatment achieves. Besides, HYDRONANOCOATING is the first and only one treatment that can increase the productivity and quality of paper and cardboard, offering a cost-effective solution.


          Flame-retardant and fire-resistant solutions consisting in non-halogenated and antimony oxide free compounds. The solutions are optimized to comply with different standards.