1 August, 2017



This department, under the general title of “enclosures”, researches curtain walls, industrial panels for closing façades and roofs, outdoor joinery on buildings and industrial doors. Since opening this department, ENSATEC hasworked with the Administration in developing and launching the regulations on both product and product-test method specifications in Spain.

All activities in this are are accredited by ENAC, the reference point laboratory for testing:

  • Thermal transfer, permeability to air, waterproofing, wind resistance, acoustic insulation and impact resistance of outer enclosures.
  • Permeability to air, waterproofing, wind resistance and impact resistance of light façades.
  • Manoeuvrability strength and wind resistance of industrial doors.

ENSATEC is a member of the CTC-047 (Technical Certification Committee -047) and also a member of the Permanent Group for Procedure Evaluation in the AENOR “N” quality mark qualification process. The firm is also a member of the Normalisation Technical Committee – CTN85 and CTN92.. ENSATEC is also a member of ASEFAVE (Spanish Association of Light Façades and Windows) and ASOMA ( Spanish Association of Timber Windows)

ENSATEC is a member of AECOR, Spanish Association of Acoustic Quality, a national technical non-profit association, comprising over 130 companies and professionals specialising in acoustics in building, industry or the work place.


You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC