2 August, 2017





The installations in the technical centre allow analysis of a material or system’s behaviour when tested for resistance and reaction to fire under its characteristic usage conditions.

ENSATEC, accredited by ENAC, has a specialist fire department equipped with the most advanced installations adapted to meet the new European standards in construction materials

The department specialises in testing construction materials‘ reaction to fire and the fire resistance of walls, doors and closure elements.

ENSATEC is a member of AELAF (Spanish Association of Accredited Fire Laboratories) and a member of the Normalisation Technical Committee CTN-23.

The tests for determining fire resistance of walls and fire-doors are designed to check and test the requirements of solidity and insulation they must meet, as well as ensuring the functionality of the fire-doors self-closing mechanismswhich guarantee their safety.

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC